How to Maintain an Organized Refrigerator

01 September, 2020

            How to Maintain an Organized Refrigerator - tidyspot Blog Post

Is your refrigerator a big black hole of leftovers, miscellaneous condiments and questionably edible produce? Sounds like you could use a fridge overhaul.

If your fridge isn’t organized, there is a high probability that food is going to expire or go moldy before you get the chance to use it. I love to cook, so maintaining an organized refrigerator is very important to me. Below are some of my top tips to keep your fridge tidy and streamlined.

1. Evaluate what you have: Before you go to the store, check to see what you have in your fridge. Are you running low on your staple groceries? Do you have any produce that needs to be used up? Modify your weekly meal plan (see below) and grocery list accordingly.

2. Meal Plan: I can’t stress enough the importance of weekly meal planning. By writing down what you plan to cook that week and making a comprehensive grocery list, you won’t overbuy at the store. Know what you want to eat that week before you go to the store.

3. Use clear bins to keep like items together. I especially like to use these in my freezer. I put frozen fish and meat in one, frozen fruit and veggies in another, etc.

4. Invest in a matching set of food storage containers that stack nicely. I love these ones by Rubbermaid.

5. Keep a magnetic white board on your fridge. As soon as you run out of something, jot it down on the fridge so you remember to purchase more the next time you go to the store. I also use this space to note when I am running low on paper towels and other household cleaning supplies.


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