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I’m Rachel and I love all things tidy.
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Rachel helped me organize my kitchen, living room, and closet, and now as a result, these spaces are relaxing and enjoyable to be in. She helped me inventory all of the items I had, so I could see if I had duplicates of things, or older/unused items I needed to donate. She then reorganized the spaces to accommodate what we use the most in our household. She has great tips on decluttering and was very enjoyable to work with. I hired her three months ago and every time I walk into my organized kitchen I smile!

Emily P.

Rachel is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is the sweetest person and gives no judgment. I, admittedly, have a lot of clothes and always tried to keep my closet pretty organized, but she helped me take it up 5 notches (and organized countless other drawers and cabinets in our apartment)! I feel so much lighter, happier, and more relaxed in my home. Thank you Rachel!!

Alexis R.

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