What I can help you organize!

tidyspot is a professional home organizing service. By working with me, you will learn how to declutter and tidy yourself into a new way of living. If you’re interested in a service not on this list, contact me.

Living Rooms
Home Offices
Children’s Rooms


Decluttering is the first step of every successful organization project. We’ll work side-by-side to determine what stays and what goes. This process can be difficult for many, but having an extra set of eyes and someone to help you make decisions can make this step much easier.


We organize every room in the home from linen closets to basements. Organizing isn’t a one-size fits all project. We’ll evaluate your lifestyle and specific needs before executing the perfect plan.


We’ll take care of finding the best organization products and tools for your home. We measure, shop, install, and facilitate any returns.


You can make money from your unwanted and unused clothing, accessories, and home goods! We’ll list your items for sale on the right platforms to ensure you get the most return.


Let us take away the stuff you don’t want. If it’s more than we can easily carry, then we’ll arrange for a donation pick-up at your convenience.


People hold onto excess “stuff” for a multitude of reasons. For some there is an emotional attachment, for others it’s guilt, and some simply do not know where to begin. My goal is to show you how to live more by having less, which is a lesson that is priceless.

Hourly Rate*


*3 hour minimum

6 Hour Bundle


NOW OFFERING: Virtual Organizing Appointments! Contact me for details and pricing.

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